Blanca Aragones

Blanca is an architect and designer. Her professional practice focuses on space, behaviour and the in-between scale. Her research explores the relationship between memory, perception of space and the different ways of transit.

Eleonora Antoniadou
Eleonora is an architecture educator, design researcher and practitioner. Her main field of research is based on the emerging design practices as an interdisciplinary approach towards a new hybrid pedagogical methodology for design education. She has organized and participated in several workshops, conferences and architectural competitions with various distinctions. She is the founder of the architecture firm “Superside Studio” undertaking public and private projects.

Joanna Lalowska
Joannas work explores the idea of space through three-dimensional language; bold colors, emotional narrative and tactile rituals. Being originally Polish, she was brought up in Africa and have lived in several countries around the globe, which has opened me to multinational cultural influences and approaches towards art and design. Her research interest explore the spiritual and psychological aspect of creating a shelter within the human environment.

Mathilde Cros
Mathilde is a space designer currently researching exhibition design, interested in the impact of the Covid-crisis may have on the audience expectations towards exhibitions and art display in museums, after several months of having access to only digitally through technology. More broadly she questions how the use of digital and immersive devices in exhibition is shifting our relation and understanding of art and culture.

YunYun Guo
Yunyun is a researcher, architect and designer.  Her current research focuses on the specific socio-spatial model (urban village) in China. Her research explores collective space in community renewal and social governance.

Ziad Alnussayan
Ziad is a researcher, architect, artist, designer and creative maker. He works with the innovation of phenomenological understandings of architectural heritage, digitalization of vernacular architecture and their contribution to wellbeing and space therapy.